The Expulsion of the Acadians

The sad history of state-sponsored ethnic cleansing in North America begins with the story of the 18th century expulsion of the Acadians by the British. Professor Amy Sturgis explains that the Acadians were peaceful French colonists who had prospered in Nova Scotia.  In 1755, the British forcibly uprooted the Acadians from their land and scattered them across North America. In the upheaval, approximately 55 percent of the 18,000 Acadians lost their lives to drowning and disease, and many families were torn apart.

The tradition of state-sponsored theft, forced migration, and cultural destruction that started with the expulsion of the Acadians is a tragic part of American history. Over the course of their history, the Acadians had developed a culture based not on conflict and conquest, but on mutual respect, accommodation, and interaction among different peoples. It was a culture based on trade and not raid, and it stood in stark contrast to the destructive and exploitative British Empire.

How might U.S. history have been different if this first ethnic cleansing had never occurred? How might America be different today if the Acadians’ property and rights had been respected? Might the Acadian peaceful, non-coercive way of life have influenced the United States for the better?


  1. Anonymous

    I would love to see more videos from Amy Sturgis! 

  2. [email protected]

    She is excellent at bringing out the meaning of historical events and applying them to our modern era. I would also love to see more from her. 

  3. Grady Flanagan

    Didn’t it start before then though? Was the Spanish Inquisition not essentially state sponsored since the RCC was the State back then?

  4. GeF

    State bigotry, decimation of a people

  5. Matt Wavle

    The state is always the enemy of a free people.    Gov’t is force, and almost never a force for good.

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