Existentialist School of Economics

(We hope you enjoyed our slightly-over-the-top April Fool’s release – LL)

The truths governing economic order are hidden from ordinary men. Glimpses have been given to far-sighted dynamos. Nicolaus Copernicus wrote on both heliocentrism and the debasement of currency; Theodor Seuss Geisel wrote on both feline haberdashery and imperfect knowledge in the egg and ham market. For the 21st Century, there is Art Carden and his groundbreaking work in the Existentialist School of Economics.

Speaking aloud the sacred and esoteric truths, Carden’s radical apathy draws on Sumerian scrolls left by ancient astronauts. He displays his mastery of Japanese Literati technique, which he learned during a family vacation to Hokkaido. Though most Westerners try and fail to grasp the principles of Nanga, Carden (already experienced in the Chinese Southern School) compassionately displays his arrogance in the core traditional arts of painting, calligraphy, and poetry.

Carden’s brief hiatus from iconography allowed Learn Liberty to capture this timeless, furtive wisdom, given for our benefit in haiku. Carden continues to strive after perfect personal equilibrium through rejecting abstractions of perfect knowledge and perfect competition.


  1. Anonymous

    We need more videos from Art Carden!

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  3. Farid Faisal Bestari

    I don’t really understand what exactly characterize the existentialist school of economics,does it have something in common with sartre’s existentialism?or kierkegaard’s?

  4. GreedyCapitalistPig

    Slightly off topic, but I’m totally digging the sound designer for this video.

  5. Scott Blinkhorn

    So many good talking points in this

  6. Autumn Reed

    That robot scares me.

  7. Kenny Legge

    the gospel…

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  9. Wayne Kraus

    I’ve watched dozens of these videos.  This one was very clever and made me almost chuckle at how on the mark you can get in just 17 syllables.

  10. muppet

    Lol… very nice. 🙂

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