Guilty Til Proven Rich – Drug War Stories (Ep. 8) with Alex Kreit

You know what they say about assumptions, right? Well, what if our criminal justice system worked off that flawed system? Right now police officers are making wild assumptions about what a lot of money is, and what a drug dealer is supposed to look like. Listen to Professor Alex Kreit as he explains why our drug laws make no sense, and what you need to do to avoid getting hassled by ‘the man.’


  1. Keith Knight

    The state steals money from people? 

  2. Grady Flanagan

    I have never used an “illegal” drug but it makes no sense why some of them are illegal. In my own limited opinion, the drug war is nothing but a war on minorities and youth, much like the attacks on homosexuals. We condemn the icky or gross sins but never do we try to stop people from engorging themselves at the buffet nor do we stop people from treating people like crap.

  3. Andremaia

    Another reason why the drug prohibition does not work. But hey at least they can charge you with a crime, confiscate you “drug money” and put you away in a government funded prison.

  4. Bruno

    The officer was probably acting on the direction of his supervisor and/or department policy, as this philosophy permeates the CJ system, law enforcement agencies to prosecutors who view it as a tool in the war on drugs.

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