Are Cops Confused? – Drug War Stories (Ep. 5) with Alex Kreit

Alex Kreit,

Release Date
September 11, 2014


Criminal Justice

If you caught someone with their hand in the cookie jar, you wouldn’t let them keep the cookie and only step in once the entire jar is empty to establish a stronger case, would you? Well, right now, that is exactly what the police are doing with drug offenders.  Go inside the strange world of  drug law loopholes, exemptions, and monkey shines with Professor Alex Kreit.

This happened in one case Prof. Kreit has previously talked about in the case of Weldon Angelos:

It’s not uncommon for the police to leave somebody on the street to commit more drug crimes, after they’ve already been caught. The police could arrest them then and there, but they say ‘we’re gonna let them do two or three sales, because if we do that, we have more power to try and get a plea deal.’ I’ve never seen the police let somebody who was caught red handed robbing a bank stay out so they could rob two or three more. But the police do that all the time when it comes to drug investigations. It’s kind of an odd thing. Because on the one hand is society say ‘this activity is so terrible, so harmful, that we need to have these really harsh punishments, but on the other hand, it’s not so harmful that we need to stop it right away when we catch somebody red handed.

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