All The Cool Cops Are Doing It – Drug War Stories (Ep. 4) with Alex Kreit

Release Date
September 11, 2014


Criminal Justice

21 Jump Street isn’t just in your Blu-ray player. Right now, young-looking police officers are infiltrating America’s high schools, looking to break up major crime rings. One problem: they’re usually doing more harm than good. So if you see Channing Tatum or Johnny Depp wandering the halls of your high school, before you ask for their autograph, make sure you’re informed of the real ways cops are taking advantage of today’s teenagers.

“What I Did for Love” – Very good piece about high school undercover drug agents.
Autistic Teen Reason.TV story:

There are instances; the police taking sort of young looking police officers, having them go into high schools, and seeing where they can get drugs. And oftentimes if they go in and they don’t really have any luck getting drugs from the people who are actually the drug dealers, they’ll start poking around making friends, to try and get somebody to sell them some drugs.  There was a case out of southern California; a kid who’s a special needs kid, this undercover officer went up to this kid, who’s just wanting to make friends, he doesn’t have a lot of friends at the school. And the kid, in order to make friends with this undercover officer, finds drugs, gets the guy drugs, now he’s prosecuted for selling.

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