If You Give A Cop Some Coke – Drug War Stories (Ep. 1) with Alex Kreit

Everyone knows the dangers of buying drugs. But did you know there’s a way to buy drugs and have cops actually thank you for it? In an in-depth analysis of the United States’ current drug laws and all of its weird rules, loony litigation and strange loopholes, Professor Alex Kreit takes you behind the scenes and reveals some facts that may surprise you.


  1. Chocolate Thunder

    I’m not sure about the video description:

    “But did you know that there is a way to buy drugs and have the cops thank you for it?”

  2. asexymind

    Officer! Thank you for pulling me over. I was actually looking for a policeperson to whom I could hand over these drugs that happen to be in my car… Interesting move.

  3. David Cohen

    Possession with intent to dispose.  Never knew of that one. 

  4. John Cosman III

    Yeah, the cops didn’t really thank him very well, now did they?

  5. Andremaia

    Prohibitions do not work, look at Al Capone.

  6. Matt Wavle

    Thank you Alex Kreit, for bringing to light some of the most counter intuitive things that are done in the name of the Drug War.

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