Education, On Demand: Economics, History, Philosophy, and More

Release Date
March 12, 2015



You can get a lot of things on demand–food, rides from Uber, even dates on Tinder. So why not explore ideas on demand?
With Learn Liberty On Demand programs, you can go beyond just videos and dive deeper into the ideas that inspire you. Watch video lists that have been curated by professors, answer questions to prove your understanding, and master big ideas, all from the comfort of your couch. From the economics of dating, to the War on Drugs, to the Hunger Games and House of Cards, if it inspires you, then we’ve got a program for it–On Demand.

On Demand Programs: Learn even more about the ideas that inspire you in one of our dozens of On Demand programs.
The War on Drugs, Part One [program]: Learn how the war on drugs affects violence and criminal justice.
The War on Drugs, Part Two [program]: Learn about the history and economics of the drug war.
Real World Dilemmas of the Hunger Games [program]: Learn how the issues from the dystopian Panem affect the real world.
Sexonomics: The Economics of Love and Dating [program]: Learn how to snag a date with the power of economic thinking.
House of Cards: Politics Without Romance [program]: Learn about how self-interest affects politics in the real world.

Speaker 1:       Okay.
Speaker 2:       Sorry, am I look at this camera? I have no idea?
Speaker 3:       Is it too loud?
Speaker 4:       Ready?
Speaker 1:       What kind of things can you get on demand?
Speaker 5:       At any given moment, you can get a drink on demand.
Speaker 4:       Food on demand.
Speaker 6:       Movies.
Speaker 3:       Concerts.
Speaker 7:       TV shows.
Speaker 1:       You can get cars on demand.
Speaker 8:       On demand.
Speaker 1:       On demand.
Speaker 5:       Upload pictures on demand.
Speaker 4:       Find dates on demand.
Speaker 9:       And even get money on demand.
Speaker 6:       When I get ideas on demand.
Speaker 10:     To find out more about how our short on demand video series can inspire your thinking and change the world …
Speaker 1:       Go to today.