Don’t Be A Victim | The Drug War and You

Did you know having “too much” cash on you can be used to prove possession of drugs? Or that being present at a drug deal can lead to life in prison under mandatory minimum sentencing laws? Hey, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the harsh policies that can put you at risk, even if you don’t think you’re doing anything wrong.

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  1. Keith Knight

    No alcohol prohibition today and no Al Capone killings b/c of product distribution.  They feared everyone would always be drunk off the popular moonshine (dirty & potent product) and now no one drinks it because competing markets offered a better solution.

    End drug prohibition.
  2. Vinay Cardwell

    This is ridiculous! I am very interested in the programs that Washington and Colorado have implemented and to see the effects of these drug laws as they as they are not superseded by federal law. 

  3. Lukas Koube

    it isnt likely. look at Ann Coulter…she loves the drug war and still pretends to want small government.

    she basically says that legalizing weed would make people lazy and ill, which would in turn cost her a lot of money.
    however, this argument applies to alcohol and laziness, which by her logic we should outlaw as well.
    most people make up their minds without ever looking at the data. showing them data probably wont do much good since it wasnt the motivation to begin with. 
  4. Lukas Koube

    i am actually really conflicted when it comes to cops….most want to protect and serve the community, but in the end they are simply agents of the state. i know most cops are fine, but if one decided to shoot you, they might get away with it.

  5. David Cohen

    I definitely want to learn more about my rights.  Thank you for this series.

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