Do Video Games Make You Violent?

While there’s a great deal of controversy around video games and their potential link to violent behavior in youth, statistics show something a little bit different. The studies done by Professor Michael Ward and other researchers argue that video games don’t make today’s youth violent. Still, law makers and congressmen are making decisions that could curb the creative liberty of video game designers.


  1. Kevin Burctoolla

    thank you for this video you can learn the world about this video.  

  2. Anonymous

    Its easy to put the blame on something that has no voice and can’t defend itself. It’s just a easy way for adults such as parents and government officers to avoid blame for a child’s actions. 

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  4. Anonymous

    yes developers and producers are not to blame for young children getting their hands on games like Modern Warfare 2 or GTA. The parents who buy games that are rated M for their children are more to blame because they are clearly labeled saying what content exists in that particular game. Just like if I personally play a video game where my character is a serial killer; does that automatically make me a serial killer as well? Of course not. People choose the actions they take, and no amount of outside stimuli will make you do anything. Its just like gun laws where people say that guns kill people. If I place a gun on a table the gun will never hurt anyone, but if I pick it up and use it the gun won’t be hurting people, but instead the person wielding the weapon would be hurting people so no the developers and producers are absolutely not to blame. 

  5. Anonymous

    play “Spec Ops: The Line” if you want a game that will totally ruin your moral compass.

  6. Anonymous

    Personally, I believe that it isn’t the game or the kids fault. Kids are creative they will always find ways for kids to see things like porn, death, or to get violent video games and movies, but when parents buy games for their kids there is a clear warning on every single box that will say things like not for children ages 10 or below or other things similar to this. The only thing is there are hardly any parents who pay attention to the box and buy it just because there little monster whines, begs, and screams for them to get it and when it does start to show that their kids start to cuss more or get into fights at school, they blame the video game and never bother to take the blame for themselves, because they didn’t take five seconds to think “Hey this is really violent, maybe I shouldn’t get this for my 7 year old.”

  7. Anonymous

    Yep it’s a large business. 

  8. Anonymous

    Omg, it’s Team Fortess 2!! Lol. But this is soooooo true tho. Thank you

  9. Anonymous

    Farmville is a very popular game.  But do we see kids running out and planting crops all over the place?

  10. Anonymous

    this is a fking lie vid games r so cool they only effect u if ur on drugs only

  11. Anonymous

    see this website is gay because there no comments at all. im typing because im at school doing this damn project

  12. Anonymous

    this is such bull, video games may have violence but there so fun

  13. Anonymous

    but, it can cause a lot of children to act extremely bad 

  14. Anonymous

    i think irresponsible parents are more to blame than children the know what they are buying their children, and yet they continue to purchase these items. i think only mature individuals should be able to purchase. but is that going to stop the children? no its not so i think that we should strict rules on who can these types of games. even though i’m only 16 and i play M rated games and i’m not violent i find games as a way to release stress  

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