Dan Carlin – How Crises and Corruption Can Lead to Change

Dan Carlin,

Release Date
May 1, 2017


Role of Government

How much corruption can a government handle before it reaches a crisis point? Conversation between the radical Dan Carlin & Dave Rubin. Watch the full interview here

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Dave Rubin: Even the most, clean, well run governments have some level of corruption and every government can function with a certain amount, right, but there is a tipping point. Somewhere on that scale, you get to a number where it doesn’t work anymore.
Dan Carlin: Yeah.
Dave Rubin: Where everyone has to be bribed. The United States used to rank at a level much higher than we rank now. At what point do you get to a place where it doesn’t matter what Dave Rubin wants, or Dan Carlin wants, you don’t get what you want. For example, all these politicians, you know where the real flaw in our system is, is a politician can promise anything they want; there is nothing that holds them to it. You have more protection in a handshake relationship with your gardener than you do with a person running for president because they get into office and change their minds; the only reason you voted for them is what they told you they’d do.
Dan Carlin: Right.
Dave Rubin: What if they don’t do it? Well, you could say, well I won’t vote for them in four years, but in four years you get to a place where it’s them against another idiot.
Dan Carlin: Some other nut.
Dave Rubin: That’s right. And you hate them both.
Dan Carlin: Right.
Dave Rubin: But that’s where the two parties kill us because they put people … And this election is the best example you will ever see. How many people held their nose, regardless of who they voted for; they voted for someone they didn’t want because they really couldn’t stand the other guy even more, or the other gal even more. Who said that they get to pick your choices? And they say, wow, you had a whole primary process. Yes, but who got to be in the debate and who decided that? A commission made of half Democrats and half Republicans?
Dan Carlin: How is it that we let the Democrats and Republicans decide that the third party could only get in at 15% nationally. We let the other two parties decide.
Dave Rubin: But, we get back down to the level. We let them.
Dan Carlin: Yeah.
Dave Rubin: We let them. And this is … I said it, and people hate when I do this, about looking at the bright side of some of these things, but sometimes you don’t get the right reforms in government until somebody crosses a line. Was Watergate a good thing for the country or a bad thing? Well, when President Gerald Ford forgave, pardoned Nixon, he said our long, national nightmare is over. But, we got reforms after that; they were the best reforms we’ve had in forty years. So, was Watergate worth it? So, you say to yourself, okay, if you have to fall off the ledge for us to fix something in this system, should we fall of the ledge. Okay, only if it gets fixed.
Dan Carlin: Right. Regardless, it is a bottomless pit.
Dave Rubin: If you have a constitutional crisis, it is a great thing, if afterwards you solve things. It is a bad thing, if you lose.
Dan Carlin: Yeah.
Dave Rubin: With Donald Trump, I can sit there and go, God, you know, when they talk about a constitutional crisis, just hearing the word Constitution, sounds like a reform. Right? We are talking about what if you lose? So, in that sense, I am torn between if you had elected Hillary, and all those people that are upset with Donald Trump, you would have gotten more of the same and I would suggest, it is 50 to 60 years of slouching towards unconstitutionality. I mean to me, Donald Trump looks like chemotherapy; he could kill us faster, or he could be something that prompts the equivalent of democratic, I don’t mean Democratic Party, I mean democratic anti-bodies. He reminds us why authoritarianism is dangerous and what could happen.
There’s a lot of people who don’t think about politics at all. We have lives; we have things in our own life that we have to focus on. You want your country to run on auto-pilot and you want it to run well on auto-pilot; but in a system of representative democracy, the people don’t flex their muscles long enough, things get wiggy. It’s been 40 to 50 years since we’ve gone out there with our feet and told government, no, you can’t do this. They talk about a women’s protest with millions of people and that’s great, but that doesn’t work; it has to be protest.
Dan Carlin: Now. And, how was that?
Dave Rubin: Yeah. You have to maintain it.
Dan Carlin: Yeah.
Dave Rubin: And, then they listen, but, you could lose, and if we lose, then you have to have a Plan B country.