College. The Way it Should Be: IHS Summer Seminars

Release Date
March 12, 2015



What is it like to go to a free IHS Summer Seminar on liberty? Can it really be the best week of your summer? See for yourself.
We think IHS Summer Seminars will engage your mind and inspire you like no other college experience. Sessions will cover history, economics, philosophy and other disciplines from the perspective of individual liberty and free enterprise, offering new insights and inspiration for tackling the many issues facing our society.
You’ll debate and discuss ideas with enthusiastic faculty and peers throughout the day and late into the night. Build critical thinking skills, gain access to a great interdisciplinary network and discover potential career possibilities, all while learning about the ideas that helped bring about civil rights, greater human equality before the law, religious tolerance and freedom, women’s suffrage, and more.
BUT don’t take our word for it — hear participants talk about their experiences and impressions and decide for yourself. Are IHS Summer Seminars simply a series of libertarian lectures and talks? Or do they offer a non-dogmatic forum to explore ideas rarely covered in class, providing the college experience you always hoped for.
Find out more or apply now for the chance to participate.

Speaker 1:                   I think people would have a hard time believing it until they get there, but that’s just … There’s no real way around that.
Speaker 2:                   I’m going to regret that I said that.
Interviewer:                No, no, no. Don’t worry. I’m going to cut that.
Speaker 4:                   This is IHS seminar, take one.
Interviewer:                I’m just curious how you would explain a summer seminar to somebody that’s never been before.
Speaker 5:                   When I got there, I was like, “Okay, this going to be like another college class. It’s going to be boring.” It’s not that way.
Speaker 6:                   It’s just like an explosive curiosity.
Speaker 7:                   Socials were my favorite part, just because that was more of a relaxed environment, and you just go up, get some drinks, mingle with people …
Speaker 8:                   I hate to say this on a video that I thought that these professors were way better than my professors in college.
Speaker 9:                   They actually interact with you not as a teacher would with a student.
Speaker 10:                 Your eyes are definitely opened up to some new more thoughts and ideas that you would have never considered before.
Interviewer:                Did you get to know the people around you very well?
Speaker 2:                   I have a picture of friends and I at the seminar hung up at my house.
Speaker 6:                   Everyone is just dying to talk through the most insane ideas that they’ve ever had about the role of government in free society.
Interviewer:                Actually, I don’t know if you knew this, but the theme of this years marketing for the seminar is “What college should be.”
Speaker 1:                   Oh, really? Yeah, what college should be is a really dope marketing campaign for these because it’s accurate.