College Prof. Sorts Econ Fact and Fiction

Antony Davies,

Release Date
May 28, 2015


Basic Economics

There are difficult questions to answer: What is the weight-speed velocity of a swallow, anyway? Other questions are tricky, and the “obvious answer” may not be the right one.
In this video, Prof. Antony Davies presents some of those tricky economics questions many of us answer incorrectly. For example, did World War II end the Great Depression? Take Prof. Davies’s econ pop-quiz and see how you fare. And be sure to subscribe if you want to learn more about these and other topics.

College Professor Sorts Econ Fact and Fiction
True or false the rich are getting richer but the poor are also getting richer? Capitalism did not cause the great depression and WWII did not end it. Corporations are not evil. Well not all of them. The minimum wage is a boom for upper middle class teenagers but a curse for young high school dropouts. The most effective way to steal from people is to print money. That is why the governments like to do you aren’t. If it turns out all this true, surprise? Give us 3 minutes and an open mind we’ll rock your world.