Business Cycles Explained [Teaser]

Tyler Cowen,

Release Date
November 6, 2014


The Fed & Monetary Policy

What causes economic crises? How can we prevent them?
If you’re tired of drawing a blank when faced with these questions, you’re in luck. In our new program, Professor Tyler Cowen will walk you through the different theories of booms and busts, the reasoning behind major crises, and even how we can prevent them in the future. Big crises raise big questions—so join the program to get some facts, and find your own answers.

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• What is expansionary monetary policy? Here’s a definition:
• Here’s a great website for learning more about monetary policy:
• Allen Meltzer explains what’s wrong with the Fed (article);

We asked some students questions about the economy…
I’m not an econ person.
Certainly if people studied economics more they wouldn’t be hammered down by it.
I think it’s a lot more ideologically driven.
Ummm… can you elaborate?
Like what causes economic crises…?
All the micro and macroeconomic factors…
Equating human labor, and stuff.
Quantitative, empirical methods…
I have no idea what you’re talking about.
And how can we prevent them?
Quantitative easing?
What is it?
Monetarism is a term I am very unfamiliar with.
No, I do not know what expansionary monetary policies is.
No, I don’t know.
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There’s no such thing as a free lunch.
You’ll learn about different theories of the business cycle. Why are there booms and why are there busts?
I think maybe greed?
Plain old greed.
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