Belarus: The Last Dictatorship in Europe?

Krassen Stanchev,

Release Date
April 28, 2021


Government Rights Voting

Since the last presidential election in August 2020, Belarus has seen demonstrations, arrests, and even deaths of people fighting against Lukashenko’s government. Piotr Markielau is one of those people who are fighting for freedom in his own country but is constantly in danger. He’s been in prison five times, fears he is being followed, and has seen friends being locked up and beaten up.

The opposition’s demands are very fair. Free and fair elections, free political prisoners, and fair trials for all those who committed crimes against humanity in Belarus.

Students For Liberty has been supporting Piotr and his friends’ fight for freedom for years. To support them, you can call your countries’ embassies to Belarus and demand freedom of speech for Belarussians. Keep them accountable.