Bars and Brass Bands in the Big Easy | Off the Clock Economist Explores

What if we told you that the decadent and debaucherous nature of New Orleans made it easier, not harder, for the Big Easy to come back strong after Hurricane Katrina? Follow our Off the Clock Economist, Dan D’Amico, as he explores the underlying social capital of jazz music, parades, and much more. You will also get to learn what Faubourg Marigny is, hear some history on the Rebirth Brass Band, and discover a bar that warns, “Be Nice or Go Home.” This is New Orleans like you’ve never seen it.


  1. andrei.roibu

    It is a fact, that, after any catastrophe or negative event, you will come back much easier and get back on your feet much quicker if you have friends, family and the community next to you, to support you. Moreover, if you take upon yourself the problems of another,  than you will forget about your own, and move forward faster. 

  2. AnCapDalek

    when i get to really think about it social capitol has really effected pretty much my whole life… thanks Learn liberty for teaching me this stuff

  3. rolfe

    Music itself has the ability to bring people together. 

  4. diamond_max

    I guess it gave people a distraction of what was really going on and enjoy life again.

  5. diamond_max

    I feel some people lack in the area of social capital.

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