Are We Safe Yet? A Framework for Assessing Security Regulation

From the IHS Vault: Dr. Jerry Ellig of the Mercatus Center gives a general framework for analyzing regulation, and then applies that framework to laws enforced by the Dept. of Homeland Security. He stresses that this type of analysis is important in gauging the effectiveness of regulation, but is too often ignored.


  1. Matt Wavle

    Jerry Ellig’s description of two different views is very helpful.  The Deterministic "Locked into Political Equilibrium" point of view explains both the apathy of the masses and helps to explain away the accountability that the leadership ought to have.  Being an individualist provides much more artistic liberty on the canvas that is my own life. 

  2. Polanco

    In Guatemala, the analysis is not done.  Part of the result is that most of the economy is ‘informal’.  We have mostly private security (the private gaurds out number the police) and if we pay the leagal taxes we just pay for the private and the government.

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