4 Reasons to be Optimistic About Mandatory Minimums

Mandatory minimum sentencing laws have sentenced people to jail for decades, sometimes for doing something as simple as selling pot a few times. Is there any reason to be hopeful that things could change? Alex Kreit, professor at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, tells of four recent contributions to the reform of mandatory-minimum drug sentencing laws.

Attorney General Eric Holder issued new guidelines on how federal prosecutors enforce drug laws. President Obama himself granted clemency for several drug offenders sentenced under mandatory minimum laws.

Meanwhile, Senators Cory Booker and Rand Paul joined forces to advocate reform. Bipartisan action is rare, which makes this all the more impressive.

There are several organizations joining the fight against these laws as well. A group called Families Against Mandatory Minimums is leading the battle against unjust sentencing under these laws.

Are there reasons for optimism? Professor Kreit believes so, and you should too.


  1. supersonicsixteen

    I like the fact that we call the facts the facts here.  I like that there isn’t any name calling and all of that.  I do feel however that the piano is a little much, but hey whatever makes the video work.

  2. Ade

     A step in the right direction, when motive to take the right decision is above political interests or partisan politics, then we as a nation can make progress.

  3. taschrant

    I’m glad there are some people in the Federal Government that are taking some steps towards alleviating the drug war atrocity.  I didn’t realize that President Obama had pardoned some individuals.  Good for him.

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