3 Absurd Reasons for Banning Drugs

Dr. Stephen Davies discusses what he feels are the three most strange and bizarre reasons for banning drugs. The first of these reasons for prohibiting drugs was to stop respectable white girls from using drugs and reproducing with men of other races. This argument was used in the United States in the 1890s to ban opiates and was used again to ban cannabis in the 1930s. The second bizarre reason for prohibiting drugs revolved around the claim that the drug trade was part of an international conspiracy run by nefarious interests. These theories ranged anywhere from conspiracies about communism to conspiracies about lizards and aliens. The third and final reason provided was to stop people from becoming unproductive members of society who only want to have a good time.


  1. Matt Wavle

    Here’s a crazy concept:  Legalize Freedom

  2. russellherbst

    I believe that is a very reasonable way of thinking, but like all choices, you have to balance the choice of freedom vs the risk of that freedom. Then one must apply a cohesive world view to that choice, measuring that choice to his or her’s view. For example, if you believe in the non-aggression principle you would have to choose on the side of legalization, because you think preemptive aggression is immoral.

  3. mackenzietanquary

    I agree completely with you

  4. Jonas Esmann

    yeah I partly agree, do you believe that legalizing has more positive sides then negative? just think of Utilitarianism, is it better then it is worse?    

  5. Jonas Esmann

    sorry I just realized that i wrote utilitarianism and not consequentialism. my bad

  6. AnCapDalek

    The basic fundamentals of liberty is that you own YOURSELF! If some bureaucrat wants to say that i cannot put something my body that’s their opinion. But, when they force it on others its (personally to me) tyranny! I don’t stand for a guy that thinks that he/she can do what ever they want and not be held accountable…

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