2008 Financial Crisis: The Government Response

Have we fixed the problems that created the most recent boom and bust? How have government interventions in the economy altered the expectations of individuals moving forward? How does government debt affect the economy as a whole? These questions, along with many others, are answered by historian Stephen Davies.


  1. Matt Wavle

    General Motors is just like this reimbursed poker player in your example.  

  2. Chocolate Thunder

    I would like Professor Davies to address the oft-made claim that it was deregulation that caused the financial crisis.

  3. Kevin Burctoolla

    I give USA fed an E

  4. Daniel Winters

    What would you do specifically to change the way the monetary system works, so that it actually works?

  5. littledeaths

    When the F.E.D. creates money to buy and store debt then it acts like a money tree… though that’s probably gone over in inflation.

  6. taschrant

    That would be a good video.

  7. Damian Gunjak

    We should not forget how we got here, especially given the fact that not a single banker went to jail for their misdeeds. No bank charters were canceled. 

  8. Matthew Bell

    Sounds like the problem is a bank with to much power and a Government with to much ability to buy on margin.

  9. ThisWeekInStupid

    Whoa! Did I just hear him advocate the EU model for economic recovery? Not a big reader of headlines, I suppose.

  10. Lukas Koube

    yup, this is why you have to play with real money when you play poker…otherwise people go “all in” for nothing hands….no good.

  11. Lukas Koube

    yup, banks get to keep all the profits while the costs are dispersed among the american people….a recipe for reckless behavior and another crash. 

  12. tsotne chikobava

    Perfect explanation. Great Video,thanks. 

  13. Mario90

    great video explained

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