2 Simple Steps to Make a Difference in the World

Release Date
February 23, 2017


Free Speech

What can you do to change minds and change the world? Prof. Fabio Rojas has 2 simple steps for you to make a difference.
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Fabio Rojas:
Do you really think that deporting people is a crime, which I believe it is. Simply say, I think deporting people is a crime. I don’t think we should do that. I don’t think we should put people who ingest narcotics into jail. Just say it out loud. Don’t let harsh laws aimed at people … For example, take police brutality and Black Lives Matter. You can simply say I recognize the need for the police to be safe. I want every police officer to come home to their family at night, but at the same time they have to be extra careful. When they use force it has to be only under the strictest circumstances where it’s very clear that that’s the case, that they’re being in personal danger. We cannot lower the standard. If you think there’s a policy that’s out of whack, simply say, I don’t think that’s true.
The number two, if you’re interested in more direction action, I would say simply reach out. If you feel strong about an issue like Black Lives Matter, and you want the police to be a little bit more cautious in interacting with people, then I would say attend one of their meetings. You’ll find a lot of it tough to deal with, but you might make some friends. You could have a joint issue like maybe have a campus event or event at your church where you can bring up an issue. These are simple things you can do in your everyday life, and they matter because little by little you change minds.