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  • A Dysfunctional TSA Shows Exactly What’s Wrong with Our Government

    The start of summer means that many of us are planning far-flung summer vacations. But the excitement of such vacations is always just a little dulled by the insanely long lines at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Stories of three-hour wait times and hundreds of missed flights because of slow security lines have become unfortunately […]

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  • Privatize the TSA!

    Editor’s note: This blog post by Gary Leff was originally posted at the travel blog View From the Wing. The TSA has failed to meaningfully detect dangerous items going through the checkpoint for years. Their 95 percent failure rate is hardly new, ten years ago it was a 91% failure rate. That’s unacceptable. We don’t need […]

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  • Discussion Question: Liberty and Security

    In the summer of 2013, Edward Snowden revealed to the newspaper The Guardian that the NSA was monitoring the metadata and content of every American citizen’s electronic communications (metadata is the details of the message – to whom, when, where, etc.) in order to protect America from terrorist threats. Is the NSA going too far? […]

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