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  • The History of Red China Should Serve as a Warning about Today

    Mao Zedong, glorified creator of the PRC slaughterhouse, is considered responsible for the death of over 70 million fellow Chinese citizens during his reign. The carnage was for various reasons: state-enforced relocation, implementation of various socialist schemes, mass pogroms against citizens possessing counter-revolutionary tendencies and, sadly, the worst famine in human history.

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  • Civil Disobedience: One Lone Man and the Tanks of Tiananmen

    On this date, June 5th, 1989. Approximately a decade following the Tiananmen Square massacre I had the pleasure of being invited to dinner by a gentleman who claimed to know a great Chinese restaurant. Over appetizers he popped the question of what it would take for me to accept China. My academic advisor at that […]

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