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  • Quote of the Day: Ludwig von Mises on Public Schools

    A common theme among liberty-minded thinkers is a high degree of skepticism toward state administered education. They’ve often come to the conclusion that public schools act more to create a population of subservient factory workers with little skills in the way of critical thinking. To learn more about how the public school system harms students […]

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  • Quote of the Day

    This quote was taken from Ludwig von Mises’s work Planning for Freedom: Let the Market System Work, which is a collection of essays and addresses on inflation and government intervention in the economy. In this work, as in others, von Mises maintains that government interventions in monetary and commercial affairs are destructive to the economy, regardless […]

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  • Bureaucratic vs. Business Management in Health Care

    The health care debate has been long on hysterics and short on useful analysis. Incendiary and counterproductive rhetoric about socialism, Nazis, and death panels from some corners notwithstanding, critics of socialized medicine raise an important question with uncomfortable answers: in the absence of profits, losses, and prices, how will decisions about the production and allocation […]

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