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  • More questions for Trump and other protectionists and mercantilists

    Donald Trump is a protectionist like many other politicians, save that he unfurls his vast economic ignorance more fully and more proudly than do more seasoned politicians.  I’ve more questions for Trump and his fans, and, indeed, for protectionists of all stripes, colors, and temperaments.  Such as…. – If you buy your tomatoes and okra […]

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  • Non-youers’ trade deficit with you

    You earn $1,000 this week.  You spend $650 on consumption items (rent, food, gasoline, a new pair of jeans) and save – you admirably prudent person you – $350.  You use this $350 to buy three shares of stock in Apple, Inc. (which are priced today at just over $116 per share). The rest of […]

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  • Don Boudreaux on a Good Economics 101 Course

    This post originally appeared on Don Boudreaux’s blog Cafe Hayek on November 25th, 2015. Below is an excerpt: But a well-taught principles course – a course taught, for example, by the likes of Deirdre McCloskey, by my colleague Walter Williams, by Dwight Lee, or by the late Armen Alchian – is one that teaches, and […]

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