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  • Can states forcibly unionize small businesses?

    Imagine that you run a family daycare out of your home. You have no direct connection to the state government, but its bureaucrats decide that because you lack an “organized voice” as a profession, they’re going to appoint a union representative to speak on your behalf.

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  • Are Giant Rats Free Speech?

    Are giant rats free speech? This is the question at the heart of an ongoing suit in against the town of Grand Chute, Wisconsin. As a form of protest, unions will place giant, inflatable “union rats” in front of businesses they have disputes with. In Grand Chute, the town ordered that one of these rats […]

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  • Compulsory Union Dues Before the Supreme Court

    Reason Magazine is reporting on the beginning of oral arguments in the case Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association before the Supreme Court. Todd Krainin writes: “The unions force me to fund collective bargaining efforts that are harmful to my students,” declared plaintiff Rebecca Friedrichs on the steps of the Supreme Court. “And that’s offensive to […]

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