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  • Military Industrial Complex Poses Major Threat to Liberty at Home

    Will perpetual U.S. involvement in foreign wars ever end? Not if those who comprise the Military Industrial Complex have anything to say about it. This complex, originally coined by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, is defined as the close relationship among military leaders, government legislators, bureaucrats, and private contractors, all of whom have a massive stake […]

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  • The Gun Control Debate, Explained With Dogs

    Gun control is a topic which never fails to inspire heated debate. In addition to the vehement passion of groups which support or oppose gun control, conversations about restrictions on gun ownership are further complicated by a lack of agreement and understanding of gun vocabulary. Dan Bier at the Foundation for Economic Education explains: “But […]

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  • Discussion Question: Gun Control

    In March of 2015, the Obama administration proposed a ban on ammunition commonly used in AR-15 rifles. Are there functional differences between restricting ammunition and restricting the right of gun ownership? Should the government’s ability to control gun possession change based on the type of weapon? What are the distinctions, if any, between handguns, assault […]

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