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  • The Game of Thrones Must Be Stopped

    What does the hit HBO series Game of Thrones tell us about political science and the incentives faced by people in positions of power? Professor Matt McCaffrey explains in the following Learn Liberty video.

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  • Why We Don’t Live in a Game of Thrones

    Game of Thrones returns for its sixth season this month and fans are eagerly awaiting a resolution to the numerous unfinished story lines. And while the specific storylines are no doubt interesting, many fans also appreciate the deeper philosophical themes of series. One of these recurring themes is the tension between individualism and collectivism. Many […]

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  • Win the Game of Thrones by Not Playing

    Game of Thrones won Outstanding Drama Series at the Emmy Awards recently, and its fandom has reached a feverish pitch. Though its medieval society filled with dragons, giants, and magic may seem far removed from our present day, the principles underlying the nature of power remain the same in both. In the video below, economist […]

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