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  • What Caused the Financial Crises: Bankers or the Government?

    Now that we’ve had eight years to digest the most recent financial crisis, the accepted narrative puts the blame squarely on the private banking sector. The conventional wisdom goes that the greedy banksters on Wall Street – not regulated thoroughly enough – took some risky bets on sub-prime mortgages and collapsed the housing market. It’s […]

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  • Featured On Demand Program of the Week: Financial Crises and Government

    This new On Demand series will explore the history of financial mayhem caused by government intervention as it explores topics like the effectiveness of stimulus spending, the Austrian theory of booms and busts, the government response to the 2008 financial crisis, the Great Recession and more. Join professors Stephen Davies, Tyler Cowen, and others as […]

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  • Great Myths on the Great Depression

    You most likely grew up thinking FDR’s New Deal played a pivotal role in ending the Great Depression, however as professor Stephen Davies points out in this video, there are many myths surrounding the Great Depression were the numbers don’t add up: Top 3 myths about the great depression? Are there any other “myths” you […]

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