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  • Greener than Thou?

    I have a confession to make. I don’t recycle as many people understand the term. I try to reduce and reuse-I “recycle” shirts, towels, dishes, and the like in that I don’t discard them after one use, but several years ago I stopped recycling in the sense that I don’t put bottles, cans, and newspaper […]

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  • Featured On Demand Program of the Week: Protecting the Environment

    Saving a species from extinction is a daunting and important task. On many occasions, legislation designed to protect endangered species can be both inefficient and ineffective. Protecting the environment has the same problems – no matter how well-intentioned environmental protection laws are, unintended consequences often make bad situations worse, exacerbating pollution and environmental waste. Can […]

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  • Discussion Question: Externalities

    Milton the rancher lives downriver from a large chemical factory. In the past month, the chemical factory has been disposing of chemical waste in the river, which has flowed downstream and poisoned Milton’s cattle. Milton is also a libertarian-minded person and prefers to keep government out of his life and out of the lives of […]

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