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  • Fixing education will take more than school choice

    The nomination of philanthropist and education reformer Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education has reignited debates over school choice policies. Aside from the opposition of groups invested in the status quo, pro-school choice reformers disagree about how to design choice policies and the role of the federal government. Any policy that empowers parents with more […]

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  • 5 Myths About School Choice

    Last month, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver covered charter schools, calling for more government oversight. While Oliver explicitly declined to discuss “whether or not charter school are a good idea in principle,” his focus on failed and mismanaged charter schools has upset many charter school supporters and re-ignited debates about the value of school choice.

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  • What’s Happening This Week on Periscope?

    If you haven’t checked us out on Periscope make sure to stay tuned this week, to discuss our new video releases and help us choose our next video! These are our scheduled streams for this week: Monday, January 25th at 4pm EST – “Getting Politics Out of Education” School Choice Week Discussion Wednesday, January 27th at 2pm EST […]

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