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  • What Would Milton Do?

    Today would have been Milton Friedman’s 104th birthday. Perhaps no one in history was as successful as Friedman at introducing people to the ideas of liberty and a free society. His bi-weekly column in Newsweek distilled the concepts of freedom to current events for millions of readers, and his 1980 Free to Choose PBS series set the […]

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  • Economist and Poet Debate Vocabulary

    Why don’t economists get invited to the good parties? Professor Sarah Skwire (Poet) thinks it has to do with economists’ choice of words. According to her, it seems, the optimal amount of economists to invite to an evening social would be close to zero. Economists probably aren’t known for the liveliness of their dinner conversations, but […]

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  • Value is Subjective: The Copernican Revolution in Economics

    What makes something valuable? Today, we know that value is in the eye of the beholder—that is, value is subjective. But for many years, people subscribed to the theory that the value of goods came from the amount of work that went into creating them: the “labor theory of value”. Professor Steven Horwitz explains it […]

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