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  • Tax Shield: The Tax man and the Aspiring Minimalist

    Fill in the blank: “He who dies with the most toys _______________.” If you answered “dies,” award yourself full credit. If you answered “wins,” read on and revisit your answer when you’re finished. My wife and I just sold our house in the suburbs and bought a cheaper, smaller house in the city. We’re thrilled […]

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  • What Does It Mean to Be a Libertarian?

    Libertarians have a unique perspective on how government force should be used. As Jeff Miron, Director of Undergraduate Studies at Harvard University, points out in this video, libertarians consider using government force to coerce others into action to be immoral. This is what separates them from other philosophies which are more permissive when it comes […]

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  • Quote of the Day: On Coercion and Equality

    Today’s quote is brought to you by none other than F.A. Hayek from his book The Constitution of Liberty: “If one objects to the use of coercion in order to bring about a more even or more just distribution, this does not mean that one does not regard these as desirable. But if we wish […]

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