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  • 5 Myths About School Choice

    Last month, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver covered charter schools, calling for more government oversight. While Oliver explicitly declined to discuss “whether or not charter school are a good idea in principle,” his focus on failed and mismanaged charter schools has upset many charter school supporters and re-ignited debates about the value of school choice.

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  • School Choice: How to Improve U.S. Public Education

    The U.S. public school system has faced criticism for decades. Whether it’s school funding, curriculum controversies, debates over teacher compensation and tenure, or American students under performing when compared to other developed countries, there’s no shortage of discontent with the way things are. Professor Kevin Currie-Knight asks, in a recent piece at FEE, why things […]

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  • National School Choice Week

    Imagine being required to use the dry-cleaner in your neighborhood, even if you prefer the services, prices, and quality of the one across town. That’s the scenario that most American parents are in when it comes to sending their children to public school. For the most part, they are prisoners of their neighborhoods, required to […]

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