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  • Supposed FBI investigations into refugees shouldn’t scare you

    This past Monday, President Trump released a new executive order shutting down the refugee program for 120 days and banning immigration from six majority-Muslim countries for 90 days. President Trump attempted to justify these changes by stating in part that: The Attorney General has reported to me that more than 300 persons who entered the […]

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  • How ISFLC helped me land a Cato internship

    In addition to being perhaps the most well-known libertarian think tank in the U.S., the Cato Institute also runs an extremely rigorous internship program. It’s also extremely competitive. The summer term is more difficult to get into than Harvard, to give you an idea.

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  • Repealing the Law of Supply and Demand?

    With all the excitement of the 2016 presidential election ramping up, it’s even more important to think critically about proposed government policy. Not only are voters biased, they’re often swayed by policies which sound good, but which don’t always have good results. Randal O’Toole, a policy analyst at the Cato Institute, illustrates the careful balancing […]

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