William Reddinger

William Reddinger

Associate Professor
Regent University

William Reddinger is Associate Professor of Government at Regent University, where he teaches courses in political theory and American politics.  His scholarly interests include the political thought of the American Founding, the history of political philosophy, and the history of economic thought.  His writing has appeared in American Political Thought and The Journal of Church & State.

Blog Posts

Will capitalism kill its own culture?

To gain a proper appreciation of the free market and its benefits, we need to also become aware of its weaknesses. I have written previously at Learn Liberty about how 20th-century…

Most social scientists can’t predict the future. But this philosopher did.

How a “nasty little man” predicted the 2nd French Revolution and the Cold War.

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Does the market make us good? Does socialism?

Only in freedom do people have the ability to be good, but can freedom itself teach us what “goodness” means?

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Is Judicial Review Undemocratic?

America just got a civics lesson from a U.S. Senator on the role of the Supreme Court.  In his opening statement during the nomination hearing of Neil Gorsuch, Senator Ben…

Why congressional term limits could limit presidential power

The incentive structure of the federal government needs adjusting.

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A champion of “absolutely unlimited competition” in education

In 1926, J. Gresham Machen testified before a congressional committee regarding a proposed federal department of education. In the first minute of his testimony, he explained that the purpose of the bill was “to promote uniformity in education,” which, he asserted, “is the worst fate into which any country can fall.”

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Is culture the key to poverty?

A personal story about Vance’s climb from poor, white Appalachia to a Yale law degree and a white-collar career, Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis will make you laugh, cry, and think carefully about the importance of culture for economic wellbeing.

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Resist the pressure to conform: Tocqueville’s warning

Is tyranny of the majority still a threat? Alexis de Tocqueville would say so.

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