Susan Love Brown

Susan Love Brown

Professor of Anthropology
Florida Atlantic University

Dr. Susan Love Brown is professor of anthropology at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida.  She is a cultural anthropologist who specializes in political and psychological anthropology with emphasis on the origins of ideology, cultural theory, social evolution, gender, ethnicity, and the study of intentional communities and utopia. 

Her areal interests are the Caribbean and the United States.  She is the editor of Intentional Community: An Anthropological Perspective (SUNY 2002) and co-author of Meeting Anthropology Phase to Phase (Academic Press 2000).  In addition, Dr. Brown has written a number of papers on the cultural implications of the work of Ayn Rand.  She is on the editorial board of Studies in Emergent Orders (SIEO) and the board of the Communal Studies Association.  Her current research involves the limits and nature of communalism.


Women and Minorities in Human History

Prof. Susan L. Brown addresses the topic of women and minorities through a historical and anthropological overview of human history. She traces the evolution of human society and sociability from…