Sarah Skwire

Sarah Skwire

Senior Fellow
Liberty Fund, Inc.

Sarah Skwire is a Senior Fellow at Liberty Fund, Inc., a non-profit educational foundation and the author of the college writing textbook, Writing with a Thesis, which is in its 12th edition. Sarah has published a range of academic articles on subjects from Shakespeare to zombies and the broken window fallacy, and her work has appeared in journals as varied as Literature and Medicine, The George Herbert Journal, and The Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. She writes a regular book review column, Book Value, for the Freeman Online and blogs at Bleeding Heart Libertarians. Sarah’s work on literature and economics has also appeared in Newsweek, The Freeman and in Cato Unbound, and she is an occasional lecturer for IHS, SFL, and other organizations. Her poetry has appeared, among other places, in Standpoint, The New Criterion, and The Vocabula Review. She graduated with honors in English from Wesleyan University, and earned a MA and PhD in English from the University of Chicago.

Blog Posts

The moral and spiritual blessings of trade among all nations

Free trade doesn’t just make us better off. It makes us better people. Donald Trump claims that raising barriers to trade is one of the things it will take to “Make America…

15 holiday gifts for the liberty lover

So here it is — halfway through December already! That friendship you started at last year’s ISFLC, FEE seminar, or IHS conference has miraculously lasted. You are happy, and maybe even in love. And now you need a gift for your liberty-loving partner.

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George Washington’s Letter to the Jews

Toleration is the cornerstone of liberalism. Washington understood this and urged future generations to honor this commitment.

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The Tax Code Is Designed to Penalize Working Women

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How the State Became the American Woman’s Real Enemy

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Economist and Poet Debate Vocabulary

Why don’t economists get invited to the good parties? Professor Sarah Skwire (Poet) thinks it has to do with economists’ choice of words. According to her, it seems, the optimal amount…