Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan

Assistant Professor of Economics
Duquesne University

Matt E. Ryan is an Associate Professor of Economics at Palumbo Donahue School of Business at Duquesne University.  Professor Ryan has taught courses in Principles-level Micro- and Macroeconomics, Global Economics and International Economics.  He also runs the Economic Research Colloquium.

Professor Ryan received his Ph.D in Economics from West Virginia University in 2009 and a B.A. in Economics from Claremont McKenna College in 2001.

Blog Posts

Will the Warriors win forever? The NBA’s problem with team balance

Over the last several seasons, top-tier players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Chris Paul appear to be self-selecting themselves onto teams with other top-tier players.

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A minimum wage for pro baseball players?

Why are minor league players only getting paid around 1/2 the hourly federal minimum wage?

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What baseball betting teaches us about how markets deal with profit opportunities

How did the Major League Baseball wagering market respond to the publication of profitable wagering strategies in 2012?

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Is your state’s income tax keeping star athletes away?

It’s worth thinking through an athlete’s decision to sign a contract as a free agent.

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Thinking through your March Madness bracket pool

It’s time to address America’s most pressing annual question: What’s the best way to fill out your NCAA Men’s Basketball bracket?

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Weird election rules: The baseball hall of fame

Any variation in election rules — for president, for student body treasurer, or for anything else — allows us to examine the rules’ impact on voting outcomes.

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The international currency playoffs

There are 32 national currencies in these playoffs, from the 32 largest economies in the world. The winner of each currency-to-currency matchup depends on their exchange rates from January 1 to December 20, 2016.

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Let’s replace the college football selection committee — with math.

As with so many dynamic systems in society, developing the proper incentive structures leads individuals pursuing their own self-interest to generate desirable outcomes for the entire group.

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Can economics make baseball more fun for fans?

Sports are a terrific lens for focusing in on the process of decision-making — they’re almost laboratories for incentives.

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The Case for Eliminating the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are an inefficient boondoggle for host countries. There are alternatives that would reduce the costs AND corruption.

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Why I’m Excited About the Summer Olympics and Rio’s de Janeiro’s Financial Crisis

At the risk of sound glib, I believe the quadrennial fervor over the Summer Olympics is at least partially a function of the seemingly timeless nature of the competition. Set…


The Costs of Brazil vs Germany: Protest and Poverty at Brazil’s World Cup

Brazil gained prestige in landing the World Cup and Olympics, but sometimes hosting a major global event isn’t as glamorous as it seems. For a start, it’s difficult to justify…