Laura Kipnis

Laura Kipnis

Northwestern University

Laura Kipnis is a cultural theorist/critic and former video artist. Her present work focuses on the intersections of American politics, psyche, and the body—with detours through love, Marx, gender distress, adultery, scandal, Freud, and the legacy of the avant-garde. In addition to five books, her essays and reviews have appeared in Slate, The Nation, Critical Inquiry, Social Text, Wide Angle, theVillage Voice, Harper’s, the New York Times Magazine, and numerous edited collections. Her books and essays have been translated into fifteen languages. Her video-essays have been screened and broadcast in North America, (Museum of Modern Art, American Film Institute, Whitney Museum-Equitable Center, et al), Europe, Japan, and Australia, and are distributed by Video Data Bank, Electronic Arts Intermix, Cinema Guild, and V/Tape in Canada. She is the writer-director-producer ofMarx: The Video (1990), A Man’s Woman (1988, in association with Channel Four Television, Great Britain), and Ecstasy Unlimited: The Interpenetrations of Sex and Capital (1985).

Prof. Kipnis is a contributor to the Open Inquiry Project, a nationwide community of faculty committed to the flourishing of free speech and independent thought on college campuses.


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