Kyle Swan

Kyle Swan

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Sacramento State University

Kyle Swan is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Sacramento State University. He received his Ph.D. from Bowling Green State University, and he specializes in teaching and research on social, moral and political philosophy, economics, and religion.

He is a contributor to numerous scholarly volumes, and his articles and reviews have appeared in such journals as the Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, Social Theory and Practice, History of Political Thought, The Independent Review, Religious Studies, Philo, Public Affairs Quarterly, Journal of Religious Ethics, Journal of Moral Philosophy, Journal of Value Inquiry, Philosophia Christi, Journal of Markets and Morality, and Pacific Philosophical Quarterly.

Blog Posts

If Markets Fail, Governments Fail Harder

The government is, at best, another tool societies can sometimes use to good effect. It is not a Deus ex machina that societies can rely upon to swoop in and bring about a happy ending.

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