Jeremy Horpedahl

Jeremy Horpedahl

Jeremy Horpedahl is an assistant professor of economics at the University of Central Arkansas, where he teaches principles of microeconomics and public finance. He is also an affiliated scholar with the Arkansas Center for Research in Economics. He has published several research papers and policy briefs with Mercatus on the federal and state tax systems. His research has been published in Econ Journal WatchPublic Finance and Management, the Atlantic Economic Journal, and Constitutional Political Economy. Dr. Horpedahl received his Ph.D. in Economics from George Mason University in 2009 and was a Mercatus Center Ph.D. Fellow. He has also taught at Buena Vista University in Iowa and St. Lawrence University in New York.

Blog Posts

What most Americans have never heard about extreme poverty

Why did poverty decrease so much over the past 200 years, and especially over the past 30 years? Let’s look at one key example; then we’ll zoom out to the broader research.

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