Devin Watkins

Devin Watkins

Legal Associate
Cato Institute

Devin Watkins is a legal associate in the Cato Institute’s Center for Constitutional Studies. During law school, Devin interned at Cato, the Institute for Justice, a public-interest law firm in Arlington, Virginia, and the law offices of William J. Olson, P.C.

Devin holds a J.D. from Scalia Law School, where he was the development editor on the Mason Law Review, President of the Mason Federalist Society and the Mason Law Students for Liberty, and a student fellow with the Institute for Humane Studies. Prior to his legal career Devin was a Senior Software Developer at Intel and WebMD. He graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Blog Posts

You Have a Constitutional Right to Record Public Officials in Public

The first amendment protects the rights of individuals to record the actions of government officials in public. US Customs and Border Protection disagrees.

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