David Bier

David Bier

Policy Analyst
Cato Institute

David J. Bier is an immigration policy analyst at the Cato Institute’s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity. He is an expert on visa reform, border security, and interior enforcement, and his work has been cited in the Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Politico, and many other print and online publications.

Blog Posts

Supposed FBI investigations into refugees shouldn’t scare you

This past Monday, President Trump released a new executive order shutting down the refugee program for 120 days and banning immigration from six majority-Muslim countries for 90 days. President Trump…

Libertarians you’ve never heard of: Lydia Maria Child

“I am so great an advocate of freedom that I would have everything done voluntarily.” – Lydia Maria Child

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Trump is wrong: Muslim immigration is reducing radical Islamism

During his inaugural address, Donald Trump vowed to “completely eradicate” radical Islamic terrorism. Today, in its first moves intended to do that, the administration acknowledged its plans for a complete ban on immigrants and refugees from several majority Muslim countries.

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President Trump’s 6 biggest threats to liberty

Donald Trump is president. Here are his six biggest threats to liberty.

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Turning away Cuban refugees is a victory for Cuba’s dictatorship

For 50 years, America has offered an escape hatch for victims of the Castro regime; now President Obama is slamming it shut.

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Trump’s ban on immigration from certain countries is illegal

For almost a decade, Congress debated creating an immigration system free from discrimination by nationality, country of birth, or country of residence. President-elect Trump, however, now proposes to discriminate unlawfully against certain foreign nationals on the basis of the same protected grounds without any legislation from Congress.

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Nativists created our immigration problems—they can’t fix them

Not only have their ideas failed on their terms, they have backfired, creating more lawlessness than before.

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Why Refugees Find Jobs Faster in the U.S. Than Germany

U.S. policymakers cannot base their estimates of how refugees will impact the labor market on the situation in Germany. Labor market institutions in the United States are better equipped to handle an influx of new workers.

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Low-Skilled Immigrants Are Still Not Harming Low-Skilled Natives

The introduction of low-skilled immigrants frees up time for native workers to improve their skills and move on to higher paying jobs. This is a desirable economic development from the migrant, as well as the native, laborers perspective.

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Trump on Immigration: Claims vs. Reality

As tensions increase over immigration policy, misconceptions abound. Listen in as David Bier of the Cato Institute separates fact from fiction.

Immigrants Actually DECREASE Crime

One common misconception about immigrants is the belief that they cause or increase crime. Join David Bier, a policy analyst from the Cato Institute, as he reconsiders this idea and…