Dave Rubin

Dave Rubin

Dave Rubin is a classical liberal comedian and commentator. He’s also the host of the fan-funded YouTube talk show, the Rubin Report.

Blog Posts

Free Speech, Muhammad Cartoons, and Islamism in Europe: Dave Rubin’s Interview with Flemming Rose

“I didn’t choose this fight. It was imposed upon me eleven years ago, when I was the editor responsible for publication of the so-called Danish Muhammad cartoons. “

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Dave Rubin and Deirdre McCloskey: Free Trade, Trans in Academia, and the (Classical) Liberal Heritage — Full Interview

One of the things that I’ve really been making the focus of this show is to show people what real, true, classical liberalism is.

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Education, Free Speech, and Elite “Temper Tantrums”: Interview with Dave Rubin and Joanna Williams

“One of the big problems at the moment with education is that the role of the teacher has become so confused with the role of the parents.”

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Why it’s so hard for government to fix social problems

What if the government can’t solve our problems because the government doesn’t really exist? Prof. Mike Munger explains his “unicorn” theory of the state.

An Alternative to Welfare

Today’s welfare system discourages aspiring for the American dream. What if we tried a universal basic income instead? Watch the full interview with Prof. Munger 

An Academic Case for Safe Spaces

Prof. Mike Munger  supports safe spaces on campus — but no one should be “safe” from hearing ideas they disagree with across the whole school.

The Unprecedented Equality of the 21st Century

The rich get richer, and the poor get … cell phones, cars, and nice TVs? Prof. Mike Munger says we’re actually more equal than ever. Click to watch the full interview. 

The History of Police Militarization

Why did the police start using militarized tactics and equipment on American citizens? Dr. Abby Hall says the line between law enforcement and war is getting dangerously blurry.

When Foreign Policy Comes Home: The Boomerang Effect

The skills and technologies the US government develops to control foreign populations can boomerang back and be used against Americans. For the full interview click here.

An Economist Explains Foreign Policy

Can economics tell us what kind of foreign policy will work in Syria or around the world?

The Big Tent of Liberalism

From the beginning, classical liberalism has been a big tent with a wide diversity of ideas inside it. Watch the full interview with Dave Rubin and Brandon Turner here .

Tocqueville’s Fear With Democracy: Soft Despotism

Alexis de Tocqueville feared that Americans would willingly give up freedom for a “soft despotism.” Full interview here. 

Why You Should Tolerate Wrong Opinions

Real tolerance means accepting free speech even for people whose opinions are 100% wrong. Full interview with Dave Rubin and philosopher Brandon Turner here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFrLpk5OXfU