Dan Russell

Dan Russell

Professor of Philosophy
Center for the Philosophy of Freedom at the University of Arizona

Daniel C. Russell is Professor of Philosophy in the Center for the Philosophy of Freedom at the University of Arizona, and the Percy Seymour Reader in Ancient History and Philosophy at Ormond College, University of Melbourne. His research focuses on ancient and contemporary ethics. He is the author of Plato on Pleasure and the Good Life (Oxford, 2005), Practical Intelligence and the Virtues (Oxford, 2009), and Happiness for Humans (Oxford, 2012), and the editor of The Cambridge Companion to Virtue Ethics (Cambridge, 2013).


Can you Sell Something for More Than it’s Worth?

What a rip-off! Here’s what you’re really paying for when you buy the stuff you want. Watch more with Professor Dan Russell.

Ownership of Capital

Marx wanted to end inequality, but he said redistributing wealth was the wrong way to do it. Watch more with Dr. Russell.

What is the Labor Theory of Value?

To make sense of Karl Marx or even Adam Smith, you need to see the way they looked at prices — through the labor theory of value.

Legal Representation

How can poor countries escape poverty? They need more than foreign aid. They need a legal system that lets them represent their assets, exchange stuff, and make each other rich.

Property Rights as a Response to a Problem

Why do we have property instead of just sharing everything? Native peoples’ property rights in North America can give us a clue.

Protecting Ownership

Property rules don’t explain everything. Sometimes, you need liability instead. Read Calabresi and Melamed’s groundbreaking paper here.

Property Rights: Is Appropriation Zero-Sum?

Here’s how private property and appropriation can save us from the tragedy of the commons — and even make a whole community richer. Learn more  with Dr. Russell

Property Rights: Negative Externalities and Social Cost

Property rights in a market economy can help us overcome negative externalities and create value for each other. Learn more with Dan Russell.

The Ethics and Economics of Choosing Publicly

Why do special interests gain so much control over government policy? Public choice economics can explain. To get notifications for all our new videos, click the bell above.

Kirzner on Entrepreneurship

Israel Kirzner showed us how entrepreneurs make the world better: they specialize in discovering missed opportunities. To learn more about entrepreneurs, click to watch.

Coordination Through Prices

Prices allow huge numbers of people to coordinate their plans and achieve amazing things together. Learn more with Dr. Russell Russell, Daniel. “Coordination Through Prices.” YouTube. Learn Liberty, 6 July 2017.…

Transaction Costs and Intermediation

How transaction costs can block trade, and intermediation can keep it going — even in a POW camp. Watch more with Dan Russell. Russell, Daniel. “Transaction Costs and Intermediation.” YouTube. Learn…

Consumer Surplus

To earn a profit, businesses must increase your “consumer surplus” by giving you better products or charging you less money. Watch more with Dan Russell Russell, Dan. “Consumer Surplus” YouTube. YouTube,…

Economies of Scale and Comparative Advantage

Economies of scale and comparative advantage let us make bigger and better oranges, grapes, and everything else. For more Dan Russell, watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sLET3sqMgU  

What is Wealth

We live in the richest society in history, but most people never ask what “wealth” even means. For more about wealth and why it’s on the rise, click here.

Opportunity Costs: The Parable of the Broken Window

Some people argue that  natural disasters and other acts of destruction create wealth and employment as we repair the damage they’ve caused. Professor Dan Russell explains that this fallacy fails…

Stealing from the Poor to Give to the Rich: An Anti-Robin Hood Story

Have you ever thought much about property rights? Many believe ownership protections primarily favor the wealthy, but it turns out that the wealthy and politically connected actually benefit more when…

What Surfing Can Teach You about Ownership

To understand ownership, it helps to understand something about surfing. Surfers employ a system of ownership over waves so that everyone gets a turn. Prof. Dan Russell describes a scenario…

Self-Ownership and the Right to Say No

Did you know you own a person? It’s you. When you own something, you have the right to determine who has access to it. This goes for your car as…