Abigail Hall

Abigail Hall

University of Tampa


Foreign Policy


The History of Police Militarization

Why did the police start using militarized tactics and equipment on American citizens? Dr. Abby Hall says the line between law enforcement and war is getting dangerously blurry.

When Foreign Policy Comes Home: The Boomerang Effect

The skills and technologies the US government develops to control foreign populations can boomerang back and be used against Americans. For the full interview click here.

Why Government Agencies Grow Year After Year

Prof. Abby Hall explains why government agencies have an “incentive to expand.” Dave Rubin asks if we can roll them back. 

An Economist Explains Foreign Policy

Can economics tell us what kind of foreign policy will work in Syria or around the world?

Foreign Policy Explained, Ep. 8: Do Foreign Policy benefits outweigh the cost?

Does foreign intervention do more harm than good? It’s hard to look at suffering in developing nations and stomach much of the poverty that exists in the world. Naturally, we…

Foreign Policy, Ep.4: The Boomerang Effect

When soldiers return to  serve as police officers, they bring a strong set of skills with them, but can also bring home a battlefield. Government policies and actions which are initially…

Foreign Policy, Ep. 3: Torture & Police Brutality in America by the Government

What if torturing foreigners abroad also meant the torture of American criminal suspects? Today, debates about the use of torture usually focus on the treatment of foreign terror suspects outside of…

Foreign Policy, Ep. 2: Militarization of Police in America

Watching footage of recent domestic protests, police are so armed to the teeth you’d think you were looking at a war zone. The sight of police officers riding in tanks,…

Foreign Policy, Ep. 1: Government Surveillance: We’re Being Watched

Is government surveillance of private citizens ever justified? Abby Hall Blanco from the University of Tampa explains the history of spying by the American government on its own and foreign…

History of Police Militarization

The History of Police Militarization featuring Professor Abby Hall. In recent events, police brutality has been a major concern in America. What has led to the use of military-grade weapons…

Police Brutality in the Baltimore Riots & the Rise of Police Militarization

Has police brutality become an issue in America? From the Baltimore riots to Ferguson, the rise of police militarization has been a cause for concern. What do you think about…