Introduction to Objectivism

Objectivism is a systematic philosophy originated by Ayn Rand, the author of Atlas Shrugged and other works on philosophy, culture, and politics. She was an advocate of capitalism as a moral ideal—free minds and free markets, as she was the first to put it—and helped inspire the modern libertarian movement. In this course, we will look at four central themes in Objectivism: what philosophy is and why you need it; the importance of reason and rationality in our lives; the evil of envy and resentment of achievement; and the nature and beauty of love.

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Philosophy deals with the fundamental nature of reality and knowledge. What is your philosophy in life?


Ayn Rand wrote that the rational process is a moral process; understand why she considers this so important.

Achievement vs. Envy

Ayn Rand saw a great divide in human life; there are those who have a purpose, and those who haven't.

What is Love?

In Objectivism, love is not unconditional, but about expanding your own self. Love is the ultimate command to rise.