Trade is Made of Win

Everybody wins with free trade. It creates wealth, enhances cooperation, and conserves resources.

  • “Trade Is Made of Win,” Part 1: Wealth Creation

    How does trading make people better off? Economics professor Art Carden explains in this quick lesson on one of the most important concepts in Economics 101: trade creates wealth. Part 1 of 3.

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  • “Trade Is Made of Win,” Part 2: Cooperation

    Prof. Art Carden examines how trade creates wealth, by allowing people working together to produce more than they could individually. Using a simple two-person example, he shows another example of how cooperation during production benefits everyone.

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  • “Trade Is Made of Win,” Part 3: Conservation

    Prof. Art Carden explains how trade not only creates wealth, but conserves both wealth and resources. When people have access to trade, they can produce the things they make efficiently, and then trade for the things they can’t produce as efficiently. This means they are able to meet their needs while consuming fewer resources. Part […]

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  1. Alex Moscoso

    I just realized I can comment on the series, which is awesome. See comments I put in part 2 and 3. I remember these videos a long time ago when I was first learning about Libertarian-ism. Love Learn Liberty’s quick and effective videos. I show these to other people on my phone or iPad since it’s usually only 5 minutes of their time. Very effective in changing their mind, at least temporarily.

  2. Thomas Ashcraft

    It’s good to share them. If they are even just exposed to the ideas and the logic behind them, it plants a seed in their minds.

  3. Sadaf Hussain

    I recently came across all the three videos and this is helping me in delivering a session ‘Not a Zero Sum Game’