$20 Trillion In National Debt.

As an average millennial taxpayer, you owe roughly $160,000 of our nearly $20 trillion national debt.

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Find out how the debt is detrimental to Millennials.

  • Federal Budget Policy

    The federal government is spending too much, running large deficits, and heading toward a financial crisis. How will this affect you?

  • Compact for America’s Podcast Series

    Compact for America discusses how Article V of the US Constitution can be used to advance & ratify a balanced budget amendment.

  • Federal Debt to Exceed 100% of GDP by 2040

    According to the Congressional Budget office, if current trends continue, the federal debt will exceed the capacity of the GDP by 2040. Some measures indicate it already has.

  • Balanced Budget Amendment Facts

    Compact for America breaks down the facts on proposed balanced budget amendments. It isn’t all that pretty. 

  • The Dangers of Deficit Punting: Pt. 1

    With almost half a century of annual borrowing to pay for spending, it is fair to say that the United States government has a chronic deficit problem. What does this mean for millennials?

  • The Dangers of Deficit Punting: Pt. 2

    It is the spring of 2020. The U.S. economy is humming along at an unimpressive growth rate of a bit more than two percent per year. Will America have its own debt crisis?

Can You Handle The Bill?

Older generations have accumulated debt and are now going to hand the bill over to you to be paid through higher taxes.

Disinherited: How Washington Is Betraying America’s Young

It is time someone told the full story of the crisis facing America’s young. The future of America can be saved, but only if our government’s betrayal comes to an end.

The birthright of America’s young must be restored, and the time to do so is now. This book explains how.

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What Can Be Done?

Resources for action.

  • The Case For Legislative Impact Accounting

    The federal budget process, when it works, permits Congress to monitor and fund programs based on their fiscal impact. Yet every Congressional budget masks the true economic costs of federal spending.

  • Reopening The Case For A Balanced Budget Amendment

    It is virtually a fiscal nightmare: federal government spending is expected to increase by 4.4 percent per year.  By 2025 federal spending will exceed 22 percent of GDP, compared to just over 20 percent today.

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