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The Price is Right

Communicating in the Free Market

Learn Liberty On Demand offers you a series of videos on new and exciting topics in the world of policy and ideas that you can watch any time, anywhere, on your schedule. Have you ever wondered what function prices serve in an economy? If so, this is the place for you.

Why does your iPhone cost $200.00? Why is the price of gas so volatile? What gives Uber the right to enact “surge pricing”? It’s easy to think of prices and profit as symbols of greed and corporate power, but prices are really just bits of compressed information that save you time and effort! What do we mean? Well, you’ll have to take this program to find out.

From ticket scalping to kidney sales, and everything in between, you’ll learn how prices regulate and organize the free market better than government supervision ever could. So take my invisible hand as we explore the magic of profit, loss, and price signals.

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